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The Label

I saw the art work ten years ago, freshly hanging on the wall in my dad’s house, its bold vibrant colours catching my eye.  I didn’t know who the woman was nor did I ask my dad about her, perhaps it was my mum.  There was something in her eyes that gave me an immediate sense of calm and deep relaxation.

“Viejo” (old man) I said, “I love what you have just done.  I would be the luckiest person in the world if I can take it with me one day”.

He smiled and replied “It’s yours Tincho” (nickname for Martin).

So this favourite painting of mine made its way to Australia, my Dad happy and content to see the joy that this beautiful piece of art brought.  I always used to tell my dad that one day he’d be famous. “Unfortunately artists become famous only after they have left this world” my dad said many times, “not many can enjoy in life what they have done” and indeed he was right.

This label is our opportunity to share with you the wonderful artistic skills of my father Jose Luis Moran and dedicating our wine to his memory.   We are reminded of his compassion, wisdom, personality and everything he experienced in his life and shared with every member of our family, in his paintings.  We are pleased to have him with us one more time.

Jose Luis Moran was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1938.  Since he started painting when he was five years old, he has painted well over a thousand paintings, specialising in water colours and oils.  His exhibition of works in Buenos Aires in the late 70’s brought much acclaim and his paintings can be found in hotels and private homes all over Argentina and internationally.  His gentle nature, humour, story telling and art brought much happiness to all who he met.  He passed away in 2010, survived by his five children and five grandchildren.